The mobile app to send secret messages and prevent embarrassing situations.

UX, UX Strategy, UI, Digital Media Design, Branding, Graphic design
Elvis Yang
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Send the SecretE message to people and prevent from embarrassing situations.

SecretE is a company that innovates the two-way communication system services, in order to help people fix and maintain their relationship. It provides people a chance to tell others something that they may be afraid to reveal, and protect users people from embarrassing replies or worsened relationships.

People could utilize the SecretE App to send their message, and voice recordings to others but only when people identify who sent the messages. The messages would show up, or the messages would not send to target people and disappear immediately.

The Design Process

Competitive Analysis

With the view to plan the whole business structures, I compared the strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and prices with  SecretE, Snaptchat and Telegram.

Userflow of SecretE