G.g Laufrad

Push Bike For Intergenerational

Industrial Design, Branding
Ideation, 3D Modeling, Modeling, Visual Identity
Tsi Hsuan Liu, Elvis Yang
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G.g Laufrad

TheG.g Laufrad body consists of two parts: the main carrier in the front and there are storage space. In addition, there are also several Velcro balls on it. During travel, the front and rear parts of the body can be joined into one piece, so that the elderly can push the body carrying the children and head towards the destination.Once the destination is reached, the front and rear ends of the body can be separated. The front end of the body can be used as omnidirectional pushbike, which is used to train sensory coordination; the back end can be used as a storage box. The surface of the body is made of flannel on which Velcro can adhere.After separating the two parts , users can use this flannel to play interactive dodge ball.

Process of Design

Background Info

Elder sand children vastly differ in physical strength. The goal is therefore to ensure both groups at the two age achieve growth through interaction and generational resource sharing.


With the safety concerns arising from differences in physical strength between elderly and children as the consideration during travel, their safe arrival at their destination is the primary concern.

Research&Idea Exploration

Similar Mental State of Elderlies and children.

There are lots of similarities between elderly and children need and mental state. Therefore, we explored their need and search the design way to connect these two extreme age groups people.

Idea and ShapeExploration

Looking for the best style which attract the children most

According to the research, children often afraid of the unknown things. And how to make children willing to use this kind of products become the serious lessons. But if we change the style of these products into animals and children are more willing to use it.

Therefore, we want to make the shape as animals, so we try lots of the animal shape on it. But after that we figure out that the hen and the chick are suitable than other animals, the hen and the chick is represent the users of elder and child.

Model Process

FRP technology was used to produce the outer casing. First, Styrofoam was used to carve the overall style. Then, it was turned into a gypsum mold and then into glass fiber. It was a challenging task for people like us who had never been exposed to production of this sort. The most difficult part of the model production was the mechanism assembly. The production did not turn out as expected, as we put in quite a bit of effort in seeking and producing mechanisms. We owe the successful completion of the G.g. Laufrad work to the teachers who have provided us with suggestions and the experienced masters who have through trial and error made modifications the process.

How To Use?

The front and rear parts of the body joined, is the form for elders to push the body with children on it during travel. When the two parts are separated, children can sit independently in the front part of the body that slides to interact with the elderly, thus adding more fun to it. The rear part of thebody then becomes a small wheeled storage box.


Scenario Diagram

TheG.g Laufrad body consists of two parts: the main carrier in the front and there are storage space. In addition, there are also several Velcro.


Design the logo, typography and visual identity.

Due to the fact that this product is for children, so we want to design a smooth and cute logo and meanwhile that it can reflect the design concept of this products. Therefore, we use lots of transformation of circles to design the logo. And this logo also represent the shape and concept of this products.