Guard your safety on the sea.

Semi-Final, Corning Future Innovator Competition 2015

Industrial Design
Ideation, Rendering
Elvis Yang, Jiun Yi Huang, Tsuan Han Kuo, Min Wei Huang
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Guard your life in the sea

"Guardians". It can use GPS technology to detect the tidal range immediately, and emit light and separate the  “safe area” and “dangerous area” between the flood tide and low tide automatically.  However, if people get drowning, and it can be used as a emergency kick board to wait for the rescue.


Static and dynamic content editing

Traditional buoys cannot be effectively used to mark off a permanent “Safe Zone” and “Danger Zone” for swimmers.  Because the fluctuation of tidal range and the and in the night people can not recognize it clearly by eyes .However, there are many countries suffer from the same safety issues. So we designed the innovation buyos "Guardians.

How To Use

“Guardians” can automatically detect the distance between the sea surface and the sea floor, and change location instantaneously to create a barrier at the water depth considered the “Safe Zone” to block swimmers from the “Danger Zone.”