What's Next

Guide your freelance lifestyle.

What's Next is a platform especially for beginner freelancers. There are multiple categories guideline through the whole work process for freelancer steps by steps and enable freelancers to build their community.


UX / UX Strategy / UI / Digital Media Design / Branding / Graphic design


Elvis Yang, Victoria Ayo, Yufei Wang


Ideation, User Experience, Platform Design, Branding


Sep 2018 - Dec 2018

What's Next

Guide The Beginner Freelancer Steps By Steps

"What's Next" is an online platform especially benefit for freelancers who are in the starting point. Due to the information for freelancers are scattered, so they might have no idea what they should do next in every work process, so What's Next website make any effort to help the freelancers go through the obstacles. This website provides the whole work process structures for beginner freelancers, and there are virtual characters would mentor the beginner freelancers to go through all of the work process steps by steps.

Furthermore, freelancers could leave their freelance career stories and comments below every step, so freelancers could build their community on their own, and exchange experiences and knowledge through the website.

Background Info

Independent work is a new raising workforce, the working style is out of the traditional company structures. There are 68 million people engaged in independent work and make effort to diversity professional fields nowadays.


Though it is a raising workforce, but the policies do not build completely, there are lots of freelancers still get paid equalities and even not getting paid, this situation also happened in beginners freelancers in common. Furthermore, due to the way of working, freelancers are difficult to have a chance to exchange the freelance experiences and resources.

Process of What's Next


We interviewed nine participants, and want to look through the workflow, styling of work and the advantages and disadvantages of independent worker.

The background of participants

  • Four remote workers
  • Four freelancers
  • One expert

Insights and Design Principle

How Might We help these independent workers through design?

  • How might we integrate learning into the freelance working environment?
  • How might we give freelancers more control over the plan and execution of communication with clients?
  • How might we increase effective communication of policies, prices and benefits between freelancers and clients?
  • How might we find more ways to connect similar freelancers?
  • How might we increase effective communication of policies, prices and benefits between freelancers and clients?
  • How might we allow clients to focus on results instead of restrictions and red tape?

Idea Exploration

We explored lots of ideas to help freelancers go through the difficulties, and make them work more smoothly. There are nine-way we thinking about to help these freelancers.

  • Save Money To Team
  • Meet Motoring
  • Up To Date Info
  • Team Building
  • Exchange
  • Finding Space
  • Co-working Space
  • Online Platform
  • AI

Low- Fi Prototype of What's Next

It is hard to find the organized freelance information, so there are lots of freelancers would be stuck on the starting point. Therefore, we focus on gathering the knowledge and informations and reorganized it on the platform. Furthermore, also add the functions of enabling people to leave their story, leave comments on the platform and build the freelance communities.


We analysis the target groups and utilizes the persona to understand the user's pain point and goals to revise our design and plan the business plan.

Structures of What's Next

Final Version of What's Next

User Workflow of The Website

There is one example of beginning freelancer go through this website of how to build the contract part.

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