Umbrella Stand Which Could Put The Long and Folded Umbrella


Product Design / Graphic design / Branding


Elvis Yang


Sep 2016 - May 2017


The "Quarter" is an umbrella stand in which long umbrellas and foldable umbrellas can both be placed. There is an area designed to fit long umbrellas, as well as an area for removable foldable umbrella compartments. If someone needs to put a foldable umbrella into the umbrella stand, they can simply put one or more of the four foldable umbrella compartments into the circle frame before putting their umbrella into the rack. This method helps prevent surface damage from the long umbrellas, and makes removal easier, and is customizable based on the number of long and foldable umbrellas.


In Asian countries, many people use umbrellas, and foldable umbrellas because the foldable umbrella are easier to take away and stoarge. However, in public places like the office, store or school, if people put their foldable umbrellas into general umbrella stands, they may have difficulty to remove them because of the shorter handle; additionally, the foldable umbrellas might be damaged by others.

Scenario Diagram

Model Process

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